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 Arc's Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Arc's Character Sheet   2/18/2010, 2:12 am

Player Info:
Name: Arc
Pokemon: Growlithe
Player Level: 16
Inventory: Oran Berry (4), Reviver Seed
Exploration Team: None (yet)
Exploration Team Members: None (yet)
Friends: None (yet)
Age: 13
Height: 2 feet 6 inches
Weight: 43 pounds
Shiny: No
Eye Color: Brown
Markings: One seperate stripe going down his back
Attire: Wears a small ribbon tied tight around his back right leg that used to belong to his father.
Posture: Very strong, healthy, and quite. An expert at ambush attacks because nobody can here or see it coming.
Battle Information:
Ability: Intimidate
Attacks: Bite, Morning Sun (this is an egg move. Arc learned it from his father, Arcanine, who learned it from his father, Espeon.) Thunder Fang, Flame Wheel, and Leer
Fighting Style: He likes attack, but is also good at defending.. He can take a cuople of hits, but his stronger point is offense. He uses strategy instead of brute force, and finds the exact stop on the opponent to do the most damage.
General Information:
Personality: He is very brave, not afraid to go into dark places. He likes to fight, but will only do so when needed. He has a big heart, and if someone close to him needs help, he will scarifice for them.
Likes: He likes to battle other pokemon, and he likes going on adventures. He loves resucing other pokemon, and dreams of starting his own rescue team one day.
Dislikes: He has a deep hatred for Golems because when he was a baby they came into his house and killed his father, Arcanine, and took most of there items. They only left a few oran berries, a fire stone, and a reviver seed.
Love Interest: Looking for the perfect someone....
Personal Goal: Creating a strong rescue team and evolving into an Arcanine.

Forum Created: 2/9/10
Forum Opened to Public: 2/11/10

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PostSubject: Re: Arc's Character Sheet   2/18/2010, 12:02 pm

Arcaninetales, the rules have been added, please check them and edit your character sheet.
Thanks, -Pelliper.
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PostSubject: Re: Arc's Character Sheet   2/19/2010, 9:59 am

You forgot to edit your level. D: But I'm leaving the moves there, because you're THE ALMIGHTY ADMIN.

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PostSubject: Re: Arc's Character Sheet   

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Arc's Character Sheet
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