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 Xeo's Character Sheet

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Xeo's Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Xeo's Character Sheet   Xeo's Character Sheet Empty2/17/2010, 1:10 pm

Player Information

Name : Xeo
Pokemon : Riolu
Player Level : 15
Inventory : Oran Berry [5]
Exploration Team : -
Exploration Team Members : -
Friends : -


Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 2'04"
Weight: 44.5 lbs
Shiny: No
Eyes: Red
Markings: Has a scar on the right eye.
Attire: Only wears a cloak when he's in the cold.
Posture: Silent, unkind and serious.

Battle Information

Abilities : Steadfast

Attacks : Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Feint, Detect

Fighting Style: A mix between using tactics and pure strength.

General Information

Personality: He doesn't like to make friends. The last time he made a friend, he was backstabbed. He's silent. Being Unkind and Cold-Hearted, he doesn't have any partners. He goes solo.
Likes: Fighting, battles, and other stuff.
Dislikes: Weaklings, idiots, and other stuff.
Love Interest: -
Personal Goal: To get stronger.
Log: -

I love miserable Pokemon. But this Darkrai is all like "Worship me, I'm sexy." - Amir

[Riolu] [Level 15] [HP: 266] [PP: 160]
Attacks : Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Feint, Detect

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Xeo's Character Sheet
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