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 Mt. Bristle

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PostSubject: Mt. Bristle   2/18/2010, 5:11 pm

Weather : A warm, sunny day.
Level Range : 6-9
Wild Pokemon : Machop, Geodude, Doduo, Spinarak, Starly, Nidorina, Nidorino,

On the top of this mountain, it is said that there is a treasure.
However, in order to get that treasure, one must be small enough to fit through the crack in the wall where the treasure is assumed to be hidden.
Many have traveled up the mountain, only to return without the treasure.
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PostSubject: Re: Mt. Bristle   2/20/2010, 1:10 pm

"Mt. Bristle, huh?" Xeo said as he walked around the base of the mountain, looking for an entrance. "Found it." he said when he found the entrance. Xeo walked inside the mountain, the wild Pokemon there weren't happy with their guest. He fought through them with ease. "Come on! Give me a challenge! Is that all you got?!" he yelled. When Xeo reached the peak of the mountain, he spotted a Scyther lying near a crack in the wall of the peak. He walked towards the Scyther, "Get up. I know you're not dead, what do you know?" Xeo asked the damaged Pokemon. "Ugh...trap...Pokemon...attack..." the Scyther said before fainting. Xeo said, looking puzzled, "Tch, he fainted. And a trap? What does--" he was interrupted by a Wing Attack right in his chest. "Agh, what was that?!" he yelled at the foe he is unable to see. "You are not welcomed here, BE GONE!" the opponent yelled at Xeo while striking him again. "Ugh, how am I going to fight an enemy I can't see? Wait..." he said while focusing on the enemy. He jumped in the air and striked the enemy, "Got you!" he said. "How? How did you know where I was?" the Skarmony said. "Foresight. Now, die." Xeo said as he Force Palmed the Skarmony into the ground. Xeo sighed as he exited the mountain.

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Mt. Bristle
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