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 Drenched Bluff

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PostSubject: Drenched Bluff   2/18/2010, 5:03 pm

Weather : Raining
Level Range : 3-5
Wild Pokemon : Lileep, Anorith, Shellos, Chingling

Its cloudy and raining most of the time, making this a good habitat for Water-type Pokemon.
Pokemon usually lose items here.
The wild Pokemon will come at you in a group.
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PostSubject: Re: Drenched Bluff   2/18/2010, 5:36 pm

"Hm?" Xeo said as he reached the area. "Its... raining? Thats new, it was sunny a few minutes ago."
Suddenly, Lileep and Anorith appeared. "What? Do you want an autograph or something?" he said.
The wild Pokemon jumped and attacked Xeo. "Hmph, and I was going to give you one too." he said sarcastically as he Force Palmed a Lileep. "This is going to be fun." he said. Xeo used Quick Attack to avoid being hit by the enemies. He kicked an Anorith, sending it flying to the wall. He countered their attacks with ease. Soon, the battle was over. "Wasn't much of a challenge now, was it?" he said as he continued exploring the bluff. At the top of the bluff, he found a pearl. "Hm? This pearl...It must belong to a Spoink. Looks like I didn't come here for nothing after all." he said as he proceeded to leave, however, a Spoink appeared in front of him, "Hey, you found my Pearl! Could I have it back?" the Spoink pleaded. "No." Xeo told the Spoink, "I could sell this Pearl for a lot of money, why would I give it back?" "B-but, I need it! I am nothing without my Pearl!" the Spoink pleaded again. "Well, go get another one." he replied. "If you're not giving it back, I'm reporting you to the authorities!" the Spoink threatened Xeo. "The authorities?" Xeo said while laughing, "Go on, report me to them, it won't matter. Because I'm one of them." Xeo walked away, laughing..

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Drenched Bluff
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