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 Greetings, people

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PostSubject: Greetings, people   2/18/2010, 9:34 am

Hello, i'm Gengario Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, people   2/18/2010, 10:54 am

Hai, nice name and welcome to Kanto.
Well, we're not exactly in Kanto but you get the point.

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, people   2/18/2010, 5:51 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, people   2/18/2010, 7:36 pm

Cool name! Welcome to Kanto! Read the rules and be a good member! Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, people   2/18/2010, 9:56 pm

A pokemon name combiner just like me 0.0 Welcome to Kanto! Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings, people   

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Greetings, people
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