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 Combat and Questing

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PostSubject: Combat and Questing   2/18/2010, 8:53 am

Combat; Introduction

The Pokemon TRPG also has a battle system implemented. These battles may be waged against wild Pokemon, or against other players. However, rules apply to each sort of battle.

The field of battle is one with rules. Those rules are listed hereafter.


Combat; Recovery

On the field of combat it is not rare for one to lose either HP or PP. Each of those two have means of recovery.

HP is generally recovered by either using an Item, or using a Skill. In rare cases, one can also recover their Health at an object. Customarily, one does not regain HP; It is therefore of utmost importance to not let one's health drop to 0.

PP is generally recovered through regain. Every turn when a skill or spell isn't used, yields a 5 PP regain regardless of level. Additionally, Items can be used to speed up SP recovery. Once one's PP has been depleted, one can no longer use Attacks or Skills. It is therefore important to keep track of your PP, and take in mind your rate of recovery.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat and Questing   2/18/2010, 8:53 am

Battle Rules

Below are some various Battle Rules that may apply during your time in the world of Pokemon.

General Combat

General Combat rules are quite simple, and easily followed. These apply to all of the following systems, and are to be minded at all times.

•You may only attack (normal attack or skill) once a turn, and defend (block or attempt to dodge) once a turn. The distance must be realistic. No more or no less can be used unless you have a skill or item suggesting otherwise.
•Mortal injuries can, in fact, kill your character if received. All injuries play their part somehow, otherwise they wouldn't be called injuries!. If you are cut in the leg, you can assume that you would be slowed down at least a little bit.
•Only one post in between Game Master posts, or if dueling or fighting, in between the fighters' posts. Do not post twice before your opponent has a chance to get his/her move or bit in there - That not only causes confusion, but aggravation as well.
•All combat is by the Level Battle System, unless ALL people in combat agree, before the combat has started, that it is to be a Skill Battle.
•You may not retreat in the middle of a battle, unless an Escape Orb is enabled.

Level Battle System

As the name implies, this is the Battle System that runs entirely upon levels. This system implies that, as long as you are a higher level, you are pretty much guaranteed a win.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not always true. Unless you are at least three levels above the player, it is still possible, although not usually likely, that you could lose to someone that is a lower level than yourself. The chart generally goes as such:

Chance of winning:
Level Difference (Your level - Enemy level) Chance of winning
5 or above 99.9% chance to win.
4 above Very good chance to win
3 above Good chance to win
2 above Slight advantage
1 level above, Same level, 1 level below Anyones fight
2 levels below Slight disadvantage
3 levels below Good chance of loosing
4 levels below Very good chance of loosing
5 or more levels below 99.9% chance of loosing

This system implies the HP and PP as well - Meaning that if you do not have that much Health, you are more likely to die easier if hit mortally, or even just injured.

Try to judge how much Health you have remaining, and subtract based on how bad your injuries are - Not just by how high the opponent's attack is.

Currently, there is no sure fire way of telling how much an attack takes, or whether it hits, except through good and understanding judgment on both players' parts. Take into account your Classes' Stats and ratings, and use them as a guideline. A Machamp isn't going to have a 100% accuracy against a Pikachu, unless the latter is injured badly or just not fighting.

Skill Fights

Skill Fights are whenever players disregard levels and stats, and just go by technicalities and how literate(Sometimes) the player can be. You judge your damage and dealings through injuries only, do not die through loss of HP.

Your surroundings and character's outfits are to be taken into consideration during these battles. If your character is heavy, they are going to be extremely slow versus a light Pokemon. Defense, however, won't be a problem.

Injuries and wounds are looked at realistically, and have all the effect on the players. If you suffer a horrific injury and are bleeding badly, you can assume that your character won't be alive much longer if they cannot stop the bleeding and receive healing.

Please note that such items{oran berries, ect}may be used but there would be no point in using them because skill fights do NOT have statistics integrated into them. You will NOT heal completely from eating one and your PP will not be completely full after one. Other combat items, such as scrolls, still apply and do damage.

Also - Power Points are kept track of loosely in these battles, meaning that you can use abilities pretty much an infinite amount of times. However, this brings into play the fatigue from using such abilities, and your skill with them if you haven't used them very often.

This system, lastly, also means that it is possible for a Level One to take out a Level 15, or higher/lower. Levels, as it has been said, make absolutely, and I repeat, absolutely NO difference in this.

Player Deaths

When you are killed in this world, you fall to the ground and lay there for a moment, awaiting rescue or choosing to faint. If you are in a party, you can be revived if any one of your party members have an item that can revive you.

Note: Please keep in mind that you, as a player in combat with another player, has control over what type of battle you fight. You may choose to have a statistical battle or a skill fight but that is something that you and the person involved agree on.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat and Questing   2/18/2010, 11:26 am

Game Masters

Quote :
What is a Game Master you ask? Its simple a Game Master or Gm for short is someone that takes people that play our game here on a special quest. As GM's our jobs is to control the wild Pokemon of this world.

Machop ran up the Charizard and attacked him head on with a thrust of her hand to his chest area.

The Charizard noticed that Machop had run up to it and was attempting to cause him some damage. He moved to the side seeing as his speed was slightly faster then her own, grabbed her arm and flung her into a tree causing her 10 pts of damage.

After all this has taken place you then calculate the damage you have given to the player where as Machop has 40 life she is then dropped to 30. As you can see by the example GM's control the actions of players (hit the target or don't hit the target) and the monster (hit the player or don't hit the player).

In order to became a GM you must pass a simple test in one of the areas. What I mean by this is that you must take a few people questing, we call this the "Trail run" At this time you will be allowed to control the actions of the players and the Pokemon you chose to create. Once you have finished with the trail run do not give out any Rescue Team EXP or money. Reason is that you are not allowed to do so since you are just trying to pass your trail run.

Also remember to give your trail run to either the TRPG Mod or the Head GM. An example of this would be the link of the place you took the trail in and the name of the field and how many pages it ran to. When that is done either the TRPG Mod or the Head GM will place it in the GM's HQ to be voted on. If you pass you will be notified of the password and will be allowed to place the Game Master in your personal text. If you fail you should wait a few weeks then try again.

That is a brief explanation of what a Game Master is if you have any questions then ask the TRPG Mod.

•Game Masters are the ones that are appointed to watch over quests and fights. They will be appointed by the Head GM (Myself until one is appointed) after trying out. GMs will be appointed to judge tryouts by voting on the tryout. A GM will send the url to the GM forum and put it in a poll so GMs can read it. Tryouts can be scheduled with a GM or done whenever you get the time. You can do them without a GM if you want, just make sure you have people with you that won't desert you in the middle of the quest. If you have to go, just ask the moderator of the forum not to delete your tryout. Tryout areas will have a asterisk(*) beside their name. The following is to be used while questing.

Quote :
Enemy's/Players' status - Red

Players' actions - Green

Enemy's actions - Orange

•When you are given the experience, just wait until the GM adds it to your profile to start counting it. They will keep track of all of it, so don't try to falsify any experience.

Here is an brief example of a GM's post. Let's imagine a Jigglypuff used Sing and a Charizard just attacked.

The Tyranitar fell asleep. The Charizard hit the Tyranitar with Fire Blast, waking it up.

The Tyranitar roars in anger, picking up and hurtling a huge boulder at the Jigglypuff, not noticing the Charizard as he he hadn't felt the flames of the Charizard. The boulder hits the Jigglypuff, knocking him off to the side and into the walls of the cave.

Jigglypuff- 120/300 Hp
Charizard- 500/500 HP
Tyranitar- 1014/1250 HP

•That is how the GM's post would go. It usually takes a little while for the GM to post because he/she has to decide whose attacks hit and whose miss and what the damages are gonna be and what the enemy(s) are gonna do, so give them a little bit to post. DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONCE BEFORE EACH GAME MASTER POST. It makes it confusing for the GM. He/She already have a lot to type up without worrying about you double posting. Also, pay attention to the quest. Don't wander about to a bunch of different sites, because then the GM and other characters have to wait for you. Try to post as quick as possible so that the quest moves quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat and Questing   2/18/2010, 11:29 am

Player Killing

So you are in a field, and see a Pokemon... and you decide 'Hey, it would be nice to simply gank that Pidgeotto'. So you run up, and attack him/her. You are now a player killer.

Player killing is illegal in the Pokemon world, so you can get caught for it. Aside from towns, all fields are open zones, meaning you can be PKed in them.

Player killing can be done without a GM, although it does require that both players be 'fair' about it. First off, if you are attacked, you are in combat, meaning you cannot run (unless you use a special item or skill to escape combat). Also, god modding is not allowed. What does this mean? Simple.

If you are level 15, and your opponent is level 3, 99.9% of the time, your opponent will not last more then a few hits. Of course, you can add some style to it. Maybe your opponent is only level 3, but happens to get lucky and dodge your first attack. Now, does that mean he/she will get lucky again and again? Probably not. Basically, use your head about it. If it seems things are going unfair, contact a GM about it.

Note: It is wise to remember that, a level or two difference is not much at all. Basically, if you are within 3 levels of your opponent, you still have a good chance of beating them. The larger that gap however, the harder and harder the chance of victory becomes.

PKing combat is done the same as any other. Post your reactions to your opponents attacks, and what you do to your opponent. This does not mean you can say how the attack effects your opponent, that is up to them. Though they should be fair about it.

Remember, PKing is a part of the game, so have fun with it, but be fair as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat and Questing   

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Combat and Questing
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