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 Kanto Rules

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PostSubject: Kanto Rules   2/12/2010, 6:07 am

1. Don't use bad language
**** is allowed, although don't do something like s***.

2. Don't give out/ask for Personal/Account information
Unless you want to be hacked or stalked.

3. Don't post illegal/sexual content
No explanation needed.

4. Don't bump (1 month) old topics up
They are dead for a reason. There are certain conditions where this is allowed.

5. No trolling or flaming
Especially Administrators.

6. Stay on topic in topics
Again, no explanation needed.

7. Don't post 2 or more times in a row
Use the edit button.

8. No advertising
Put it in your signature.

--Rules Written by Wailord--

ChatBox Rules
Most above rules apply in the chatbox. You can be infracted if you break rules in the chatbox, so just don't do it. Remember, something like one word comments over and over again in the chatbox or repeatedly asking someone something can be considered spam. Even thought there are word censors, don't swear. It makes you and the site look bad, so just try not to use foul language.
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Kanto Rules
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